Low Cost Housing

India’s remarkable two-decade residential construction boom has primarily focused on serving high-income earners in major Tier 1 cities, leaving millions of its citizens without quality housing options.  By 2013, India’s housing shortage is estimated at nearly 30 million homes, with almost 99% of the shortfall coming from families earning less than 2 Lakh Rupees per year (EWS and LIG Segments). For these families, a quality house that meets their basic needs is becoming more and more unattainable due to skyrocketing construction costs and a lack of market focus on their needs.

WorldHaus knows that India’s lower income groups are not looking for low-quality products with second-rate amenities.  Extremely value-conscious and uncompromising in their demand for high-quality homes they can take pride in, WorldHaus’ customers are looking for innovative solutions to their unique needs at a cost they can afford.

WorldHaus is tackling India’s affordable housing crisis with construction technologies that bend the cost curve and make quality homes attainable to low income families in the EWS and LIG segments.  We do this by partnering with NGOs, government agencies, private developers fulfilling state mandates to build standalone homes and multistory flats at 30-40% of the price of traditional construction – making the unaffordable affordable.