At WorldHaus, we believe in providing complete end to end support to our clients.  From conceptualization to finishing, our services include:

1    Architectural Design – WorldHaus works with Gensler, the world’s leading architecture firm, to build beautiful sustainable homes that fit the Indian aesthetic.  Our architectural services include


  •             Master Planning and Plot Demarcation
  •             Creation of Community Spaces
  •             Maximization of Natural Resources
  •             Original Design of Row Houses, Villas, and Flats
  •             Working with Existing Architectural Plans to Fit the WorldHaus Construction System
  •             Renderings for Marketing Purposes


2    Structural Engineering and Drafting – All WorldHaus homes come complete with a full set of construction plans for the homeowner created by our in-house team of American and Indian engineers.  WorldHaus construction plans are IS code compliant and include


  •             Foundation Plans Based on Soil and Seismic Surveys
  •             Wall System Detail, Including Placement of Electrical and Plumbing Systems
  •             Roofing Panel Connections
  •             Renewable Energy and Rainwater Harvesting System Details

3    End to End Construction Services from Foundation to the Final Finishing Touches – WorldHaus’ in-house construction team is trained to build houses quickly, safely, and efficiently.  Let our teams build homes for you in less than half the time of traditional builders.  WorldHaus teams can handle


  •             Site Marking
  •             A Variety of Foundations Tailored to Local Soil Conditions
  •             Structural Construction
  •             All Finishing Work including Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, Plastering, Painting and Tiling 


4    Sale of Construction Systems (SmartBlocksTM and RapidPanelsTM) with Installation, Training and Support Services – For customers who have their own architects and construction teams, WorldHaus sells its SmartBlockTM and RapidPanelTM systems on a tailored project basis.  Options include


  •             Local Manufacturing and Sale of SmartBlocksTM
  •             Shipping of RapidPanelsTM to Any Construction Site
  •             Training of Labor Teams to Build With the WorldHaus Construction System
  •             Active Engagement With Architects to Ensure Proper Design
  •             Installation Services on Volume Project Orders

5    Turnkey/Greenfield Projects – WorldHaus’ construction team can handle end to end services on greenfield sites, providing all the services listed above.



6    Joint Project Development – We work with landowners and developers on a variety of cost-sharing agreements tailored to project needs.  Let us work out the best plan for you.
WorldHaus’ products are in use worldwide. We offer a highly professional team and technically qualified to ensure that you are satisfied and comfortable to use of our patented products and rapid construction systems as per your requirements.