Affordable Housing

All across India, middle and lower income families are finding themselves priced out of quality housing options in urban and semi-urban areas.  Waiting years after making loan down payments for their houses to be constructed, too many families are bearing the double burden of paying rent and EMI during long development gestation periods.  This is true across the housing spectrum, from flats and compact villas to row houses, with long construction times raising sales prices and squeezing hard working families out of the market.

For families, WorldHaus offers a unique market solution. With WorldHaus RapidPanel™ technology, not only that they can build faster and efficiently but also optimise of the cost. The corresponding reduction in construction time means these families can afford a quality home and move in with-in 3-4 months. Unlike other regional and national home builders, WorldHaus also builds in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, broadening the benefits of high-speed construction to millions of additional families with very few housing options. All at the quality and longevity that families buying their first homes have come to expect.
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